Kevin Corbett, Executive Director of Learning and Performance with University Advancement

Kevin Corbett

Kevin Corbett is the Executive Director of Learning and Performance with University Advancement. He has been a fantastic member of our Culture Network, and we asked him a few questions about his experience with university culture, and our Unifying Values.

Question: What is your favorite part about the culture of USC?

I most appreciate the collaborative spirit in the Trojan community. It’s a product of our values. Just one example of this spirit can be seen in the professional development programming we offer to staff in my division and that I support. I would not be able to accomplish all of this on my own, and often call on our amazing faculty to assist. Their willingness to help, the sincere interest they show in our work, and their desire to understand how they can be supportive reflect this spirit of collaboration.

Question: What do the Unifying Values mean for USC in your opinion?

I see them as USC’s means for communication and action. I also see them as a backdrop for how we develop relationships—mostly within the USC community, but also with those outside of it. The unifying values provide a check on our interactions, and decisions with others in our everyday work.

Question: What are you most looking forward to next on the Culture Journey?

Living these values and seeing them demonstrated through others.

Question: Why do you think it is important for members of the USC community to get involved in the Culture Journey?

It the values are to represent us, then they must be expressed through us. It’s really an “all-hands-on-deck” effort, in my opinion. Everyone should play a part.