The Culture Journey

USC’s Culture Journey is a university-wide initiative to explore our values, align the supportive behaviors that bring those values to life and develop opportunities to improve our systems and processes. Together we are shaping our culture.


At USC we have shaped our shared, unifying values as a community. Take a look around and explore our Unifying Values, where they come from, and what people are saying about it!

In the News

USC Report & Response website

As part of USC’s commitment to create an environment where the community feels safe, heard, and protected, the USC Report & Response website is a front door for all USC community members…

2022 USC Culture Report

Many Trojans from across the USC Community collaborated on this report. It is designed to provide you with a broad accounting of progress that has been made along our Culture Journey to date, connect you with resources, and invite your participation in charting the course for our continued efforts ahead.