The Culture Journey

USC’s Culture Journey is a university-wide initiative to explore our values, align the supportive behaviors that bring those values to life and develop opportunities to improve our systems and processes. Together we are shaping our culture.


At USC we have shaped our shared, unifying values as a community. Take a look around and explore our Unifying Values, where they come from, and what people are saying about it!

Spotlight Stories

Features that put a spotlight on our Culture Journey community as they share their experiences in culture transformation, participate in impactful events, or host exciting activities.

Rod Yabut- Interactive Marketing Manager

Rod Yabut is the Interactive Marketing Manager for University Communications, and has been a valued member of our Culture Network. We asked him a few questions about our unifying value “Open…

In the News

Take a look at how Culture Journey activities and events are making their way into the news.

USC Unifying Values

Accomplishing our mission requires that we build a culture that reinforces the ethical framework within which we make decisions. Key to establishing that culture is embracing values that guide our actions.

USC Culture Journey

When we embrace these values together, we build a culture that instills trust, reinforces ethical decision-making, and provides a strong foundation for our future.


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