Student Commitment

The Student Commitment is the commitment that all students make when they become USC Trojans – essentially, to act with integrity in the pursuit of excellence; to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion; to promote the well-being of ourselves and others; to engage in open communication; and to be accountable for living our Unifying Values and helping to make USC the best place it can be.  

Hear from some of our students about what the Commitment and Unifying Values mean to them:

The USC Student Commitment

As Trojans, we always conduct ourselves in alignment with USC’s Unifying Values – which were created cooperatively by students, faculty, staff, and administration to reflect the unique spirit of our community and to guide us in our actions, interactions, and ethical decision-making every day, on campus and off.

In making this commitment, together we build and strengthen the culture of USC.

· We act with integrity in all situations.

· We work to foster a safe, civil, and equitable campus environment where well-being matters.

· We treat each other with respect, even when we have differences.

· We are accountable for our actions and decisions.

· We believe that diversity – of experiences, cultures, identities, and perspectives – is a cornerstone of our community.

· We value honest, open communication and robust debate.

· We strive for excellence in rigorous learning and in all scholarly, scientific, professional, artistic, and athletic endeavors.

· We champion ideological diversity and embrace freedom of expression.

· We refuse to engage in discrimination, harassment and hate in any form and on any platform.

· We avoid taking part in behavior that may be harmful to ourselves or others and offer/seek support if we witness dangerous behavior from our peers.

· We promote a culture in which people do not rush to judge others. Our actions are guided by empathy and grounded in facts and truth.