The Culture Journey

The Culture Journey

Our Journey

The USC Culture Journey is a university-wide initiative to explore our values, align the supportive behaviors that bring those values to life, and develop opportunities to improve our systems and processes. Together, we are shaping our culture.


Since October 2019, over 24,000 Trojan – faculty, staff, students, governing bodies, Deans, and unit leaders have shared their voices and provided feedback on our unifying values, aligned behaviors, and actions to be taken to enhance our culture. To learn more about the origins of our Culture Journey, take a look at some of our key milestones below.

For members of the USC community who are interested in viewing the results of our values poll, past townhall presentations, and school/unit reports, visit our Culture Journey Intranet site (internal login required).

Looking Ahead

We are now integrating our Unifying Values into our university-wide systems and processes. Here are some concrete examples of what is already underway, with more actions to come:

Investing in developing the professional skill sets of our leaders, faculty, staff, and students tied to ethical and values-based behaviors, mentorship, and feedback 

Reflecting USC values in the way we assess performance and in systems governing recognition, rewards, and incentives 

Providing clear pathways for discussing and acting on concerns without fear of retaliation

Alignment of values and DEI concepts into well-being programs and initiatives

Embedding our values into employee recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and professional development