The Culture Journey

Our Journey

The USC Culture Journey is a university-wide initiative to explore our values, align the supportive behaviors that bring those values to life, and develop opportunities to improve our systems and processes. Together, we are shaping our culture.


Since October 2019, tens of thousands of Trojans – faculty, staff, students, governing bodies, deans and unit leaders – have shared their voices and provided feedback on our unifying values, aligned behaviors, and what actions should be taken to enhance our culture. To learn more about the origins of our Culture Journey, take a look at some of our key milestones.

Ongoing Commitment

We have called this work on USC’s culture a Culture Journey because we want to acknowledge that culture is not a “one and done” matter. Our Unifying Values give us a compass heading for an ongoing process of collective self-examination, improvement, and renewal.

This first report on our progress highlights what we have accomplished and what we are working on. It is clear that much remains to be done in the years ahead. Here are some of the initiatives planned for the coming year that will positively influence our culture:

Execute a second culture assessment to measure how we are performing relative to the Unifying Values.

Publish and share a Culture Dashboard with data from the survey.

Host town halls and discussion sessions to sustain a focus on culture at USC and within the schools and units.

Continue promoting centralized reporting portal where any member of the USC community can submit concerns.

Institute improved Employee Relations program to provide consultancy to departments throughout the university.

Roll out DEIB Report and programs to attract and retain diverse talent, and support their growth and development.