Culture Network Member Spotlight:

Meet Kim, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Access, and Corey, Admission Counselor from Herman Ostrow School of Detistry

What made you decide to join USC’s Culture Network?

Dean Sadan saw the benefit of Culture Journey’s mission and felt that it would be of benefit to Ostrow’s faculty, staff and students. Dean Sadan appointed Dr. Austin as a liaison and she in turn included Corey Berry to join in the effort. 

Can you give an example of an activity or program that has broken down silos between different departments and has a positive effect on workplace culture?

We share monthly cultural events, current events and information. In addition we have a book club which has been running for over one year, which has been a positive enhancer of cultural awareness. We bring presenters on implicit bias, LGBTQ+ topics, amd gender identity education. 

In your experience, how does USC promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, and how have you contributed to these efforts?

We bring presenters to the Dental Faculty Asssembly (DFA) on topics such as understanding the millenial student, how to recognize and cope with stress, and mental health resources on campus. In addition, the students also received this presentation on stress and resources to better cope with stress. We engage some of the affinity groups to express their feelings and thoughts on topics of racial concerns. 

Have you taken advantage of any events or trainings sponsored by USC’s Culture Network or other campus partners? If so, how has what you learned there helped you in your role?

We participate in everything we are able and everything that comes our way. Our dean allows us the latitude to attend as many activities, and events as our schedules allow. They have been very beneficial in that we learn more about the culture, the awareness and exposure to new concepts and practices. It is always a beneficial exxperience. 

How do you hope to see USC’s culture evolving in the future, and how do you plan to contribute to this evolution as a member of the Culture Network?

We will continue our connection with Culture Journey. They have been very helpful in sharing their knowledge. It is our hope to ensure that the Ostrow community understands the unifying values of Culture Journey. That will continue to move us forward. 

Kim and Corey

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