USC Culture Survey Participation Leaderboards

Thank you to the thousands of staff, faculty and students who made your voices heard through the USC Culture Survey!

A note about these leaderboards: The information presented below is based on preliminary response rates as a percentage of the overall group population in a particular school or unit, as of the close of the survey in February 2024. As the survey data is validated and analyzed, final participation numbers are subject to change.

Honorable Mentions:
Keck School of Medicine
Bovard College

Honorable Mentions:
Office of the SVP, Finance
University Advancement

Honorable Mentions:
Office of Cultural Relations and University Events (CRUE)
Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs

Honorable Mentions:
Memorial Coliseum
USC Hotel

Honorable Faculty Mentions:
Rossier School of Education
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Honorable Graduate Student Mentions:
Keck School of Medicine
Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Honorable Undergraduate Student Mentions:
Iovine & Young Academy
School of Dramatic Arts